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FOC Restaurant at HongKong Street brought Barcelona spirit to Singapore back in September 2014. It all started off as a collaboration between Michelin Star Chef Nandu Jubany and a group of local Spain-aficionados, who wanted to recreate fine and authentic Barcelona flavours in Singapore…

What does FOC mean?

No, it’s not ‘free of charge’ :) Believe it or not, the word ‘FOC’ /fok/ means ‘FIRE’ in Catalan, the language spoken in Barcelona’s region, North East of Spain.


Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by the sights and sounds of a busy open kitchen, where chefs and bartenders work side-by-side, whipping up their best slices and sips.

Don’t expect white cloth and buttoned-up waiters though, it’s not us. We believe in the equal importance of quality and fun, which means serving you great food and drinks, with a cheeky smile, swaying to the electro swing beats. So dress up, or don’t, but remember to enjoy and have fun!


Michelin star Chef Nandu Jubany is FOC Group’s Alma Mater; an extraordinary Chef and Restaurateur with over 20 years of experience. From the humble start at his family Restaurant Urbisol, he has opened diverse successful restaurant concepts, with his flagship being Michelin Star Restaurant Can Jubany (over 24 years in operations!), as well as Jubany Events that caters to hundreds of events around the Iberian Peninsula.

Chef Nandu is based in Spain, yet he is overseeing the food offering of FOC and comes very often for special FOC affairs organised at FOC Restaurants in Singapore.

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Reservations below 9 guests

Group Reservations above 9 guests

Private Room Reservations