Nandu Jubany

Nandu Jubany is an unconditional food-lover, a benchmark in haute cuisine and quality gastronomy and has received a Michelin star for his restaurant Can Jubany in Calldetenes, near Barcelona.

 “Walking from one side to another in the kitchen, stirring a pan, filling the boiling pot with the ingredients needed, touching the meat to verify if it is ready to be eaten, or it just needs two more minutes to plate, stirring one more time the sautéed paella, revising the stew in the oven… service after service, with an open mind, feet firmly steady to the ground, the heart pounding with emotions, mind clear and always restless…

It is this way as the gastronomic Nandu Jubany falls in love every day, looking for and finding the balance between the high quality traditional cuisine and a modern and bright, between complexity and subtlety. Under the baton of the chef, the land products pass from the forest and the vegetable garden to the plate, with caring reinvented recipes for the smallest details; And always with local and seasonal products.

The secret is to know well the popular recipes and love the culinary origins, which explain so much about why we are how we are. But at the same time do not give up on anything, and develop an own cookbook full of classical and modern approaches. It is effort, enthusiasm and passion for well done things. It is an invitation to explore and discover a new concept of taste”

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