Chef Nandu Jubany



Walking from one side to another in the kitchen, stirring a pan, filling the boiling pot with the ingredients needed, touching the meat to verify if it is ready to be eaten, or it just needs two more minutes to plate, stirring one more time the sauté in the paella, revising the stew in the oven... Service after service, with an open mind, the feet firmly steady on the ground, the heart pounding with emotions, a clear and always active mind...

That is the way Nandu Jubany's gastronomic proposition gets more lovers every day, looking for and finding the balance between the high quality traditional cuisine and a modern and bright one, between complexity and subtlety.

Fine Fun Food


Together with Chef Jordi Noguera and Chef Javier Vicente Tejas, as well as the local team they present a gastronomical proposal at FOC Restaurant that is s cuisine that reaffirms the most demanding traditions, bringing together authentic flavours and values in a contemporary format. Based on seasonality, the menu allows you to enjoy the most select produce of that time of year – featuring traditional Catalan dishes impeccably presented with a contemporary attitude.

We like to call it Fine Fun Food, because we strive to give you an all around experience, from the moment you enter,  sit  down and taste our food talking to our chefs and bartenders working side by side, watch the whole show in the open kitchen until you leave relaxed and in high spirits. It it all about your best experience on every level.

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